Spring Meadows Raw - 100% Naturally Raised Rabbit NO Veg 4 lb

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Spring Meadows Raw Ground Rabbituses rabbits that are naturally raised, hay, and grain fed from an Alberta farm.

Rabbit meat is a:

- high-protein and low fat

- easily digestible

- almost cholesterol free

- low in sodium

- contains selenium: works as an antioxidant to remove free radicals; important in maintaining good thyroid functioning; supports a healthy immune system

- contains vitamin B2 (riboflavin): keeps digestive tract healthy, as it is important for breaking down proteins and fats; necessary for nervous system function; needed in the production of protein and red blood cells

INGREDIENTS: Rabbit - meat, bones, liver, heart; Pork - liver, heart, kidney

Nutrition Facts:

Moisture 70%

Protein 18%

Fat 7%

Calcium 0.9%

Phosphorus 0.6%

Fibre 0.2%

Potassium 0.2%

Sodium 0.1%

Total Digestable Energy: 1780 kcal/kg

Made in Sasketchewan, Canada.