Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol Liquid Pump for Pets (263 pumps)

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From Dr. Mercola / Dr. Becker:

Cells use CoQ10 to support their energy and growth. Cells with the fastest turn over – like heart cells, mouth tissue cells, intestinal mucosal cells and immune system cells –demand high levels of CoQ10.

Certain conditions can affect your pet's ability to get enough ubiquinol, or active CoQ10, such as:

  • Increased stress load on his body
  • Not enough CoQ10 in his diet
  • Greater metabolic demand from cells and tissues
  • A shortage of factors to convert CoQ10 into its active form, ubiquinol

Even if your pet wereto consume a diet with sources high in CoQ10 every day, she would still be faced with her body's decreasedability to convert CoQ10 into the active form she needs – ubiquinol –as she ages.

When you give your pet Ubiquinol for Pets,you're assured of:

  • A 100% all-natural non-synthetic formula
  • Highly-absorbable Ubiquinol
  • Backing by a manufacturer with exceptional high-quality standard practices
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

How Much Do You Need? One container lasts for...

  • Cats / Toy Breed (< 14 lb) 1 pump 263 days
  • Small Dogs (14 - 30 lb) 2 pumps 131 days
  • Medium Dogs (30-49 lb) 4 pumps 65 days
  • Large Dogs (50-79 lb) 6 pumps 44 days
  • X-Large Dogs (80+ lb) 8 pumps 33 days