Zenpet - Pro Collar Inflatable Comfy Pet Donut Collar

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The Zenpet ProCollar has a canvas fabric outer layer and a separate inflatable inner tube, with a velcro fastening strap on the outside edge and fabric hoops to secure against your pet’s collar on the inside edge.

The ProCollar is available in six sizes:

  • ProCollar (XS) Extra Small Up to 6 inches
  • ProCollar (S) Small 6-9 inches
  • ProCollar (M) Medium 9-13 inches
  • ProCollar (L) Large 13-16 inches
  • ProCollar (XL) Extra Large 16-22 inches
  • ProCollar (XXL) Double Extra Large 22+

The top-up valve can be accessed through the outer layer and pushed in so that it stays flush. There is also a zip on the jacket for easy removal of the inner tube.