ppark W-Series Quick-Lock Dog Leash

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Features of ppark W-Series Quick Lock Dog Leash include the quick-lock leash, which allows you to pop into a store quickly to get your coffee, while ensuring your dog is safe. You don't need to ever unclip your dog as the handle is a great quick-lock. The emphasis here is on a quick stop.

All ppark products are PVC free, and pass SGS tests for children products -- Guaranteed safe for your furry babies!

ppark is known for making the best dog and cat collars, leashes and harnesses.

Features of the ppark Quick Lock Dog Leash:

  • Lockable buckle handle - Quickly attach this dog leash to a post or table leg while you pick up something quickly without losing your dog.
  • Eco-friendly, lightweight and vibrant!
  • Fine stiching with no rough edges, minimizing irritation on you and your pet’s skin.

Sizing of ppark dog leashes:

Size Length cm (in) Width cm (in)

M 120 (48) 1.5 (5/8)

L 120 (48) 2.5 (1)