irRAWsistible Raw Dog Food - Naturally Raised Turkey w/ Veggies

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All irRAWsistible canine raw food diet pouches consist of the following:

75% Meat & Organ

25% Produce & Natural Supplements

All meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Remember to add a red meat to your dog's diet as part of a rotation of proteins to ensure greater health.

Ingredients: Turkey, turkey heart, turkey liver, dehydrated alfalfa, ground flax, eggs, apples, kale, carrots, dried kelp, salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, and eggshell calcium.

Nutritional Information:

Crude Protein 13.4%

Moisture 62%

Crude Fiber 2.1%

Crude Fat 16.8%

Made in Vancouver, BC.

Keep Frozen.