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Your one stop shop for all your dog grooming supplies. Here you’ll find safe, natural, and organic dog shampoos, toothpastes, nail clippers, grooming wipes and more. This is our selection of tried and tested ways to keep your dog clean and healthy. Whether you just need something to keep your pet smelling the best on a regular basis, or you’re battling an issue such as itchy skin, we’ve got you covered.

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Moonlight Natural Pet Store's selection of dog shampoos meet the criteria for odor control and some for itchy skin relief. We have the well-loved and highly effective Furminator as a deShedding tool, as well as the Kong Zoom Groom that can help with both grooming and shampooing in all dog hair types. The Coastal Long Flea Comb is useful to help detect fleas in the early stages as well as remove them. Did your dog unfortunately get a little too close to a skunk? We find that nothing works better to get that smell of skunk spray off your dog than Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odour Remover. It works to degrade the enzymes that make up that infamous skunk smell. To make grooming even more fun for both you and your dog check out the Messy Mutts Silicon Dog Grooming Glove. Otherwise, we stock a collection of grooming brushes that are sure to meet your needs. All our dog shampoos, dog conditioners, spritzes, dog grooming wipes and nail clippers can be shipped Canada-wide. Check out our other products we carry, such as pet deodorizers, tick removers, dental hygiene products, and dog wipes.