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We mean it when we say thatMoonlight Natural Pet Storeis the best place to buy your cat food. We carry quality raw cat food, freeze-dried and dehydrated cat foods, as well as some canned cat foods. All of our food for cats is sourced with two simple beliefs in mind: 1) Pet food should be real, whole-foods with no to minimal synthetic supplements. 2) No food would be brought into our store if we would not feed it to our own pets. We understand that finding the right food for your cat, kitten, or senior cat is important and we’re here to help with any questions you may have. Also, be sure to check out our blog for helpful advice in keeping your feline friend in their best health possible. Shopping online? Know that we offer local delivery in the Vancouver area.

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At Moonlight Natural Pet Store, we do the pet research so you don’t have to. Our recommendation is to feed a raw diet to cats if possible, and if not then a can of high quality cat food. We do not recommend kibble for cats as the lack of moisture can lead to kidney issues and cats have no nutritional need for carbohydrates. However, we understand that sometimes convenience is needed and here our suggestion is to use a freeze-dried raw cat food. If you do need a kibble we have options made without synthetic ingredients and that are whole-foods based. To learn more, see our post on “How and Why to Feed Raw Food for dogs or cats” and our series on “What should be in your pet food” in our blog."