Find the best dog harnesses at Moonlight Natural Pet Store! We stock no-pull dog harnesses as well as front clip dog harnesses. We select for durability, comfort, and safety in all our products. These are great choices for playtime and walks. Our dual lead dog harnesses are great for walking more than one dog at the same time. Have a nervous dog? We have step-in harnesses that can help by not going over your dog’s head. Leading a zero waste or eco-friendly lifestyle? Look no further than our ppark ecoPET Dog Harness. Same great quality as all of ppark’s products, but now made out of recycled PET bottles. Comes in a variety of colours, so help keep that plastic out of our oceans and have your dog looking stylish at the same time! We also have car safety harnesses and sport harnesses for the active dog. Canada-wide shipping is available on all these items.

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