Carnivora Prairie-Fed Beef Offal Raw Dog Food 4 lb (8x8oz Patties)

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Ingredients in Carnivora Prairie-Fed Beef Offal for dogs: Finely ground liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, spleen, lungs.

Nutritional Information:

Moisture 71.55%

Protein 16.42%

Sodium 0.08%

Phosphorus 0.12%

Potassium 0.13%

Calcium 0.02%

Magnesium 0.01%

Gross Energy 1918.65 kcal/kg

Carnivora buys a variety of live livestock directly from small-scale producers. The animals they choose must be healthy, disease-free and raised following natural management and feeding practices that are free from harmful additives, antibiotics or hormones.

Made in Canada.

Keep Frozen. Raw food for dogs and cats made in Canada.

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