Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat

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Please note that for the Buddyrider, no refunds or exchanges on opened boxes. Please try renting our store model first or give us a call to see if it will fit on your bike.

How can I take my dog for a bike ride?

There are several options for taking a dog on a bike ride. You could use the Buddyrider for dogs that are between 10 lbs and 25 lbs. For dogs that are larger, see our option for the Cycleash where larger dogs can run beside the bicycle. For a versatile option, you could also consider the K9 Sport Sack to carry your dog for bike rides or hikes.

What is a Buddy rider?

A buddy rider is referring to the ingeniously designed "Buddyrider" which is the most stable option dog bicycle pet seat attached to the bike seat post and between the rider and handle bars. The mounting on the seat pos ensures that the extra weight from your pet has barely any impact on the handling of your bike. Leave no dog behind.

Does The Buddyrider dog bike seat come with everything I need?

Yes. The package includes:

  • The Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat including the safety harness that keeps your dog secure
  • A Receiver (this is the center mount for the Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat that attaches to your seatpost)
  • A support bar with screws and the allen keys you will need.

In cases where your dog is between about 10 lbs and 15 lbs, we'd suggest purchasing the Buddyrider Cushion Seat, which bolsters your dog.

In addition, if you have a second bike that you'd want to transfer the Buddyrider onto, we'd suggest purchasing an extra Receiver.

DO NOT MOUNT TO CARBON FIBER SEAT POST. If you have a carbon fiber seat post you must replace it with an aluminum or steel seat post.

Will the Buddyrider fit my bike?

Yes in most cases, but read the link above for more information. Give the store a call and ask for our reviews on the Buddyrider.