Bold by Nature Mega Raw Dog Food NO-Chicken Variety Pack

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Bold by Nature Raw Dog Food 24 lb Patties Variety Pack includes: 8 beef patties, 16 turkey patties, and 24 pork patties.

The ingreidets of each variety are listed as follows:

Mega Beef Ingredients:Lean beef,beef bone, beef offal (lung, heart, liver), vegetables (carrot, zucchini,collard greens & broccoli), beef tripe & kelp.

(Free-range, grass-fed beef.)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 14.7%

Fat 8%

Fiber 4.4%

Moisture 73%

Calcium 0.87%

Phosphorus 0.5%

Mega Turkey Ingredients: Turkey meat, turkey bone, vegetables (carrot, zucchini,collard greens & broccoli), turkey liver & kelp

(Free-range, non-medicated turkey.)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 12.8%

Fat 6.4%

Fiber 2.5%

Moisture 73%

Calcium 1.81%

Phosphorus 0.96%

Mega Pork Ingredients:Pork meat, pork bone, vegetables (carrot, zucchini,collard greens & broccoli), pork liver, pork heart & kelp

(Naturally Raised, Non-Medicated Pork)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 16.81%

Fat 15.29%

Fiber 5.52%

Moisture 61.08%

Calcium 1.49%

Phosphorus 0.82%

Made in Canada.

Keep Frozen. Raw food for dogs made in Canada.