Angel Leather Braided Dog Collar - Black

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The Angel Leather braided dog collars is perfect for strong dogs, these leather dog collars soften well over time and provide the ultimate classic look. Black or brown from size 16" to 24".

Add the matching Angel braided dog leash in your choice of size.

Sizing for Angel Pet Supplies - Angel Leather Braided Dog Collar

Collar Size Neck Size Perfect for most*...

16" 11 1/2"-14" Boston Terrier, Pug & Similar Breeds

18" 12 1/2"-16" French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Beagle & Similar Breeds

20" 14 1/2"- 17 1/2" Collies, Pointers & Similar Breeds

22" 16 1/2"- 20" Pit bull Terrier, Retrievers, Boxer & Similar Breeds

24" 17 1/2"- 22" Shepherds, Labs, English/American Bulldogs & Similar Breeds

* Please note this size chart meant to give a general idea of the collar size in relation to certain breeds because each dog is unique, please measure your dog's neck for perfect fit.