Honest Kitchen Pet Supplements - (Pro Bloom) Daily Boosts Instant Goat's Milk w/ Probiotics

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The Honest Kitchen Daily Boosts Instant Goat's Milk is ideal for growing puppies and general immune support at the gut level. daily Boosts Goats Milk's digestive enzymes are human-grade and made in the USA from pasture-raised, free-ranging goat's milk. Naturally free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics, Pro Bloom probiotics can be served alone as a nourishing drink, poured on kibble for added moisture, or used to hydrate Honest Kitchen food. To use, simply mix Pro Bloom with warm water.


Dehydrated goat's milk, dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation product, dried aspergillus niger product, dried trichoderma reesei fermentation product, dried pineapple fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried lactobacillus rhamnosus fermentation product, bacillus coagulans fermentation product.


Mix 2 scoops with 1 cup (8oz) warm water and stir, to make 1 cup of milk. Refrigerate any leftovers in the fridge for use within 2 days and re-stir if any natural separation occurs.

Pet Weight Powder (tbsp) Water (8oz cup)

1-25 lb 1/2 1/4

26-50 lb 1 1/2

51-75 lb 1 1/2 3/4

76-100 lb 2 1


Protein: 35%

Fat: 1%

Fibre: 0.5%

Moisture: 10%

3330 kcal per kg | 12 kcal per 1/2 tbsp

Min 160 billion CFU/lb; Min 1.25 billion CFU per 1/2 tbsp