Hurtta Dog Expedition Parka - Blackberry

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The technical surface material of the easy-to-use Hurtta Dog Expedition Parka is excellent for even the toughest of games. The protective material of the Expedition Parka is designed to allow for extended range of motion when the dog is running and playing. The water- and windproof soft elastic segments on the front are flexible with the dog’s movements. The neckline, length of the back and the collar circumference of the Expedition Parka can be adjusted.

Features of the Hurtta Dog Expedition Parka:

  • Ideal for outdoor temperature between 0º C and -25º C / +30º and -15 ºF
  • Breathable and water-resistant material
  • Adjustable back length
  • 3M reflectors
  • Recloseable opening for harness on the back in sizes 30-80cm
  • Protects the chest and key muscle groups
  • Integrated harness in small sizes 20-25cm

*Refer to photo gallery for full sizing chart.

Sizing for Hurtta Dog Expedition Parka (from base of neck to bum):

14 in Jack Russell, Shetland Sheepdog

16 in Beagle, Miniature Dachschund

18 in Cocker Spaniel, Pumi, Drever, Welsh Corgi

20 in Schnauzer, Basset Hound

22 in Australian Shepherd, Border Collie

24 in Labrador, Dalmatian

26 in Boxer, Rottweiler, Afghan Hound