ppark i-Series 3-Way Dog Leash

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Hint: To keep these leashes look sharp longer, don't wash with velcro-like materials.

Features of ppark 3-way dog leash:

  • Dog leash is made with high quality soft nylon to provide a silky smooth feel.
  • Fine stiching with no rough edges, minimizing irritation on you and your pet’s skin.
  • 3 lengthes adjustable
  • Can be used across the shoulder
  • Can be used to lead 2 dogs

Sizing for ppark 3-way dog leash:

Size Length cm (in) Width cm (in)

M 114-200 (45-78.75) 1.5 (5/8)

L 114-200 (45-78.75) 2.5 (1)