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Basic Instinct is raw cat food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats. This formula is made up of natural supplements and a balance of organs, meat and bone to give your cat optimal health. Add a red meat to your cat's diet as part of a rotation diet to ensure greater health.

As cats are true carnivores, they require a variety of meats.

Unlike chicken, turkey is not a common allergen/ cause of food sensitivity for cats and dogs.

Ingredients: Whole turkey with bone, turkey drums, turkey carcass, turkey heart, turkey liver, dried egg yolk, psyllium husk powder, agar, gelatin, filtered water, wild salmon oil.

Guaranteed Nutritional Values (Per 100g):

Calories 112 6.07 0.1 14.36 76.85 152 0.74 1.2

Total Fats as Triglycerides 6.07%

Carbohydrates 0.1%

Protein 14.36%

Moisture 76.85%

Taurine 152 mg

Phosphorus 0.74%

Calcium 1.2%

Keep Frozen.

Made in Vancouver, Canada.