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We’ve hand picked the best cat harnesses and collars we could find on the market. We’re always impressed with the quality of ppark’s products. PVC free, silky smooth yet sturdy, and available in a wide selection of colours for your feline friend. As an added feature the ppark cat collar is designed with a break-away safety buckle in case your cat ever gets caught on anything. A break-away buckle is also featured in the RC Pet Cat Breakaway Collar. Looking for the most eco-friendly cat collar you can find? The ppark W-Series Cat Collar is made with threads from post-industrial (not post-consumer) recycled materials. This means that the materials are not previously used, but would have gone to waste otherwise. For the adventurous cat we carry the RC Pets - Adventure Kitty Cat Harness, which is built to keep your cat safe and comfortable when walking or hiking. Canada-wide shipping available.

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