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For dogs being diagnosed with kidney disease, we suggest the following dog kidney supplements & urinary tract supplements. Consider liver supplements to reduce dog liver enzymes.

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Here at Moonlight Natural Pet Store we’ve curated our favourite kidney and liver cleansing supplements for dogs and cats. In our modern world, just like us, our pets face an increased need to detoxify all the new chemicals that are pervasive in our environment. Cleansing your dog or cat’s liver can help improve function of these organs, increasing the odds of your pet living a longer and healthier life. Reducing the body’s toxic load is helpful, no matter how picky we are with our pet’s diet and lifestyle. For dogs or cats diagnosed with kidney disease, we understand how difficult a time this is for you and your pet. Typically, dogs with chronic kidney disease show symptoms of polydipsia (excessive drinking) and polyuria (excessive peeing). Your dog or cat's kidneys are responsible for a number of function including detoxing the blood off waste, regulating minerals such as sodium and potassium as well as producing urine. CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease can occur with age or from an acute situation e.g. poisoning. Here are a few tips to help you cope with chronic kidney disease. Usually, a blood work will show you how your dog or cat's kidney health is doing. Vets look at the BUN, Creatinine (waste indicators) or SDMA to figure out how your pet's kidneys are doing. A urinalysis is needed to help confirm Kidney disease in dogs and cats. 1) Make sure your dog or cat is staged for kidney disease. This gives you an idea of how much filter function is lost and will not be ever regenerated. 2) Come up with a plan for maintenance. 3) Holistic vets will recommend feeding a high-quality protein diet as low protein diets have been seen to cause pets with CKD to pass away quicker than pets on a better quality protein diet. A study by Dr. Delmar Finco, showed that “mortality was actually higher in the low protein group” for dogs with renal disease where “there were no adverse effects of the high protein diet.” [Effects of Dietary Protein Intake on Renal Functions” 1992] 4) Switch from a dry kibble or diet to one with lots of moisture e.g. canned pet food or frozen raw/ cooked food. Browse our kidney supplements for dogs and cats. Shop online for Canada-wide shipping.