Leashes / Leads

Come browse our wide selection of high quality dog leashes. We’ve selected a variety of styles and materials. We have durable yet smooth nylon dog leashes, rope leashes, ones made out of leather, and bungee dog leashes. For customers with shoulder or arm injuries and dogs that really yank, try the EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash or the ROK straps. This eases the pressure for you. For training the dog on the walk, check out our no-pull dog harnesses under "Training Accessories." The ppark dog leashes are silky soft and will making daily walks that much nicer. Woof Concept also makes a couple of indigenous designs, which are handmade in Canada. And for those of us striving to lead a zero-waste or eco friendly lifestyle, the ecoPET dog leash and ppark AIR Bamboo Charcoal Lock Dog Leash are made with recycled PET bottles! As a bonus it comes in a variety of colours! All of our pet shop leashes and collars are available for Canada-wide shipping.

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