Airline Approved (Cabin Pet Carriers)

Take some stress out of traveling with our selection of cat carriers & dog carriers that are airline approved. See our list of the best pet carriers including Sleepypod Air, Sleepypod Atom and other carriers such as Bergan. Not going far? There are other options such as the One for Pets carrier or the Gen7Pets, which are also useful on the Skytrain and buses. Help your cat or dog be as comfortable as possible on the way to a vet visit, or just to have greater comfort in traveling in general. Some of our pet carriers come with added safety features such as loops to pass the car seatbelt through, keeping your pet nice and secure while you drive. Ventilated sides and extra pockets are a common theme in our dog or cat airline approved carriers. We stock quality items, so you’ll be sure to enjoy transporting your pet during your travels as much as possible. We offer shipping Canada-wide for our pet carriers.

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