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Find warm dog raincoats to keep your dog dry and cozy during the Canadian Fall, Winter & Spring. Shop online for dog raincoats and get Canada-wide shipping. Brands we carry include RC Pets Raincoats and jackets, Hurtta dog raincoats and drizzle wear, Canada Pooch and Canadian brands like Eco-pup.

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Does my dog need a raincoat? We've heard a lot of people say they don't dress their dog. However, that misses the point. A lot of dogs are not local to areas and if the weather is cold or rainy enough that you as a human need coverage then we'd suggest you should do the same for your dog. What is a good raincoat brand? Good raincoats are based on coverage for the dog as well as how much warmth they provide if that is one of the criteria you are looking for. Out in Eastern Canada, Ontario and Quebec, you'd be looking for a dog raincoat which also doubles as a dog winter jacket due to the snow and low temperatures. This also applies to Alberta and northern BC which tend to have lots of snow and cold weather. For those areas, we'd suggest Hurtta, Chilly Dogs, RC Pet winter jackets like the Cascade or Canada Pooch's Expedition Coat. This is because these dog winter jackets are designed to have a waterproof outer shell and depending on the brand either a fleece layer or a thermal reflector to help the dog maintain their temperature. For milder areas such as Vancouver, where it mostly rains you will be served by having a dog sweater and a dog raincoat/poncho. The dog raincoat or ponch can be taken off when it is not as rainy. Canada Pooch and RC Pet have dog ponchos that work as well. For a better fitted raincoat, we'd suggest the One for Pets Dog Raincoat. What is a waterproof versus water-resistant dog raincoat? For most human jackets, the distinction between waterproof and water-resistant is important as for waterproof the seams need to be heat sealed with a tape to prevent water from getting in. However, in relation to dogs, most raincoats or winter jackets tend to have waterproof outer shell but do not have the heat sealed seams. If you are looking for a completely waterproof dog jacket because you'll be in a lot of rain, make sure you tell the pet store that you want the seams to be heat-sealed. Where can I buy Hurtta dog rain coats or Canada Pooch in Canada? Hurtta rainwear for dogs is available from Moonlight Natural Pet Store in Vancouver Canada. We also carry Canada Pooch dog sweaters and raincoats. As a bonus, we offer Canada-wide flat rate shipping on all our products.