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We all know that cats like looking their best. Help your cat along with their grooming needs with the help of our hand-picked cat grooming items.

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Here are our Cat grooming tips: Please note that some cats might not be familiar with the grooming process when you first adopt them or bring them into your household. Take your time to introduce your cats slowly to grooming. Your cat is already good at grooming. However, you can help by making sure that when your cat is too dirty you give them a bath. In addition, you can help them groom to minimize the amount of fur balls your cats get, which is not good for their digestion. Bathing: There are a wide variety of cat shampoos. We carry the cat foam shampoos, which are leave in shampoos. These tend to be easier to use than the cat shampoos designed to use water. Made with gentle ingredients and pH balanced, kitty bath time just got better. Regular brushing: This is integral to building a bond with your cat. It is also a great way to minimize dead hair and dirt. It will build great hair and skin as well as also minimize the amount of hair balls your cat gets from grooming themselves. For Canada-wide shipping, take advantage of our flat-rate shipping to order online these, and any other items your kitty may need.