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Make your bicycle one that’s built for two! Take your pup with you on your travels with the help of our dog bicycle seats. We’ve picked our favourite pet bike seats to carry at our store, like the Buddyrider. Reviews for the Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat are always high. The Buddyrider Dog Bicycle seat allows you to take your dog with you on bike rides and is a great alternative to heavy dog bike trailers. It sits mounted over the centre of the bike so the extra weight has virtually no effect on handling. And the Buddyrider Cushion Insert will make that ride extra enjoyable for your canine companion. For larger dogs, you can find the Cycleash pet attachment which allows larger dogs who can run along at an easy pace with you as you bike. The Buddyrider Receiver Attachment allows you to mount the buddyrider to another bicycle in seconds! Just fix the receiver onto the seat post of another bicycle, and you will be able to take turns riding with the pooch! Weight requirements: the Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat is ideal for dogs up to 25 lbs. 

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