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Playtime with your dog or puppy is a wonderful time for growing that bond, as well as keeping your dog’s body and mind healthy. Browse unique dog toys in Canada available at Moonlight Natural Pet Store Pet store for your dog or puppy's cuddling, chewing or playing pleasure. US & Canada shipping available.We’ve curated a wide variety of dog toys for you and your furry friend.

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How do I keep my dog entertained while at work?

Spunky Pup fruit shaped dog treat holders keep your dog engaged. Or else try the West Paw Dog Toy that’s designed to extend the time it takes dogs to extract the treats. It also features side openings to continually release scents and make your dog hungry for what’s inside! Kongs are of course a great classic that we also keep in stock for your dog. Youc an put peanut butter or dog treats in the Kong for more dog engagement. Looking for something new? Try our puzzle toys by Nina Ottosson as well to keep your dog challenged. These are interactive dog toys or puzzles that challenge the dog and keep it entertained for a while depending on the level. Spunky Pup Fetch and Glow Ball Dog Toy are go-to for dogs that like to fetch so that you can extend their playtime into those twilight hours. Finally, we have a wide selection of plush dog toys, including some squeaky plush dog toys and fun Starbucks coffee inspired options. Canada-wide shipping is available on all these toys for dogs.

What are the strongest or most durable dog chew toys?

We tend to be of the opinion that if a dog chew toy is indestructible then your dog's teeth will lose the battle, which could result in an expensive dental surgery. We like durable dog chew toys that last a while but do not damage your dog's teeth. The West Paw Jive and the West Paw Qwizl are durable and last longer than average dog chew toys. If your dog tends to like plush dog toys instead, for a strong durable dog plush toy, try the Fluff & Tuff dog toys made in the US. Again, they are more durable than other plush but will be ripped apart at some point.