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Nature’s Logic whole foods dog kibble is one of the best dog kibble brands around, and the only one we stock. This dog food is free of common allergens and chemically synthesized vitamins. Quality meats, vegetables, and some fruit is what makes up this brand of dog kibble. For added digestibility each morsel is specially coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein containing high levels of natural vitamins and minerals. The limited ingredient dog kibble that is highly palatable and nutrient dense. Limited ingredient dog foods are useful for elimination diets in order to find the potential cause of allergies. For Canada-wide shipping, take advantage of Moonlight Natural Pet Store's flat-rate shipping to order dog food online or dog treats, dog supplements or accessories online.

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When looking for the best dog kibble on the market, here are some of the items on our checklist: 1) Ingredients you can pronounce and understand 2) No grains or fillers. Technically, potatoes are fillers and higher on the glycemic index. Look for binders in kibble that are lower on the glycemic index. 3) Studies on taurine uptake to prevent DCM or heart disease 4) No byproducts, powdered cellulose or synthetic ingredients including amino acids as that means there is insufficient meat and nutrients.