Grand Cru Dog Food

Grand Cru dehydrated dog food preserves much of the original raw nutrients by dehydrating under low temperature over several hours. This process also ensures the destruction of pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Grand Cru Dehydrated dog food comes in the following Grain-Free formulations: Chicken & Duck, Turkey, Pork & Lamb, Fish and non Grain-Free formulations: Surf & Turf, Red Meat. Moonlight Natural Pet Store also carries the 10 kg sizes.

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All ingredients for Grand Cru dog food are human grade, with proteins being carefully selected and prepared in HACCP certified plants. With moisture level lower than regular dry pet food, this prevents the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms responsible for infections, food poisoning and digestive problems. Dehydrated Dog food tends to be a better dog food than kibble as the low temperatures ensures that nutrients are preserved and not supplemented with primarily synthetic ingredients.