Freeze-Dried Raw

At Moonlight Natural Pet Store, we are very selective about the foods we choose to bring into our pet shop. A quality freeze-dried dog food may be the right choice for you, and we’re here to help you find the best one for your dog. Because it’s whole food formulated, a freeze-dried dog food brand should be at best additive-free. If any synthetic ingredients are added, they would best be in a chelated form . We carry brands such as RAWBBLE, Open Farm, Stella & Chewy’s, K9 Natural, Northwest Naturals, and others. You’ll be able to find brands with pasture raised meat and meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Only the best for your pooch!

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What is a freeze-dried dog food?

Freeze-drying takes moisture out of pet food but in a different way than dehydration or extrusion. The process of freeze-drying involves flash freezing the dog food and then putting into a reduced-pressure system where the water sublimates changing from solid to gas. Then the temperature is raised higher than in the first step and can even be slightly above 0 degrees C to break the water molecules from the dog food. 

This preserves the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients in the pet food and you can call the food raw because of this process.