K-9 Choice Raw Dog Food

K-9 Choice Raw Pet Foods raises their own livestock specifically for their premium raw food for dogs. This means that their products are made from all the same prime cuts of meat that we would eat, not the “left-overs”, by-products or renderings from the human food chain.

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As with all the pet food we carry at Moonlight Natural Pet Store, K-9 Choice is a top of the line dog food in terms of quality of meat at an affordable price. K-9 Choice offers a farm to plate concept for raw dog food and is becoming more well-known on the raw Canada scene. Albertans who move to BC are eager to get this as it is one of the better known raw dog foods in Alberta. There are a number of myths surrounding feeding raw and more so about the quality of Canadian raw food diets for dogs and cats. At Moonlight Natural Pet Store, we carry only the best quality raw pet food in Canada.