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At Moonlight Natural Pet Store, we realize that separation anxiety in dogs can be a fairly common challenge. Symptoms of dog separation anxiety include excessive dog salivation, whining, and/or dog barking and destroying stuff. Natural dog stress relief supplements including CBD oil, hemp oil, Adaptil or herbal formulations that can help. Our hemp oil and CBD oil can be found in the Dog Joint Health and Arthritic Dogs section.

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These products have been tested by lots of dog and cat customers and represent the best natural dog stress relief products that we’ve come across. Please note that these are aids while you train your dog or work to solve the underlying issues. We offer flat-rate shipping throughout Canada. A study in 2014 found that CBD oil could decrease cat or dog anxiety. There is still more research that needs to be done for CBD oil in pets. For more information on dog CBD oil for stress, see our blog post called- CBD Oil for dogs & cats: What pet health problems can CBD treat?