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Certain life phases such as puppyhood or the senior years come with additional nutritional requirement, or else the opportunity to optimally support these phases with targeted whole foods supplements. Kelp can offer iodine and is an all-round great mineral supplement. Colostrum can help support your puppy with healthy tissue growth and development, help maintain healthy digestive function in all ages, and increase the quality of life in senior dogs.

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Health for pets, just like for us, starts from the inside out. We carry brands such as BiologicVET, Adored Beast, 3P Naturals, and more! The Carna4 sprouted seed pet supplements are a great live food boost that are full of probiotics, enzymes, and phytonutrients. From puppyhood, consider using a wholefood based vitamin and probiotic, which ensures your dog's optimal health and provides beneficial bacteria to counter any harmful bacteria your dog may pick up. In addition, we carry different forms of calcium supplements for pet parents that prepare their own cooked food. We'd recommend combine a calcium supplement such as egg shells or bone powder with a wholefood based vitamin and probiotic to ensure optimal growth for your dog and prevent any bone formation issues from developing. During your dog's adult and senior phase, we'd still recommend a wholefood based vitamin/mineral dog supplement to ensure their optimal health. If you need additional help selecting the best supplement for your puppy, dog, or senior pet then email us or pop by the store and we’ll be glad to help offer our expertise. Canada-wide shipping is offered on all these products.