Carnivora Raw Dog Food

Carnivora Raw Dog Food carries a wide variety of proteins for their raw meat diets for dogs and cats and only support small scale establishments that follow holistic management and feeding practices. The quality of the raw pet food is high and consistent. Carnivora raw food carries two lines: Carnivora Dinner (which contains meat, bone and organ, and about 5 to 10% fresh vegetables and fruits) = barf dog food and Carnivora Diet (which is a 100% meat with bone and organ). The Carnivora diet is great if you have an itchy dog that needs to do an elimination diet. If we were to review Carnivora, we'd say it is one of the best frozen raw dog food brands in Canada. Find Moonlight Natural Pet Store online by looking for raw dog food near me or pet stores near me in Vancouver

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Carnivora Raw Dog Food ensures that the food is free from harmful additives, antibiotics or hormones and from holistic management and feeding practices. In addition, they have a quality assurance program that checks the consistency and quality of their products. There are a number of myths surrounding feeding raw and more so about the quality of Canadian raw food diets for dogs and cats. At Moonlight Natural Pet Store, we carry only the best quality raw pet food in Canada.