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Explore the best dog food and products. Must-haves for your furry family member. Everything from daily essentials such as dog harnesses, collars and leashes to raw and wholesome dog food, natural supplements, and everything in between. Here you’ll find all the categories of items that will help you optimize your dog’s life. One of the things we’re proudest about is our selection of dog foods at our pet shop. We’ve taken great care in our research to help you find the most high quality options for your pet’s nutrition. Our speciality is in raw foods, as we believe this to be the best way to feed your pet. However, there may be reasons why you would need an alternative, and so we stock carefully chosen options such as grain-free and low glycemic index dog kibbles and canned foods. We also have a variety of nutritional dog supplements for any specific needs your pet may have or else to simply keep them in peak condition. For dog food orders we offer free delivery with a minimum purchase in the Vancouver area. Everything else your dog could possibly need we carry. Everything from cozy and easy to clean dog beds to grooming and cleaning supplies. We also stock all sorts of training accessories and dog treats for positive reinforcement based training. Our selection of leashes, leads, collars, and harnesses is pretty impressive and we suggest you check them out. Taking for dog on the road? We’ve got you covered for airline approved carriers, car safety harnesses, dog backpacks and bike seats too! If you’re having any difficulties with what to choose, or want advice on one or more of the many facets of life with your dog, then be sure to contact us. We believe in lifelong learning as well, and our blog is a great resource to help brush up on your knowledge and learn how you and your canine companion can live your best life together."
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