Freeze-Dried Raw

Sometimes simplest is the best. Now this is certainly true of cat treats. We stock only freeze-dried cat treats that are made from whole foods, free of preservatives, additives, hormones, and artificial colours. These cat treats are low glycemic treats that are suitable for a diabetic pet. The PureBites treats are single ingredient cat treats made up of 100% pure shrimp, wild pacific salmon, or chicken. Vital Essentials offers USDA certified animal proteins in their treats, no junk ingredients in these treats! Ubite also carefully chooses their sources, and for their chicken treats they work with a network of trusted CFIA certified poultry farmers. Additionally, these freeze-dried treats are great for cats as they’re freeze-dried in their raw form, locking in aroma, texture, and freshness. Your kitty is unlikely to turn up their nose at these treats! Canada-wide shipping available on all cat treats.

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