K9 Kelp - All-in-One Moisturizer (Paw Wax & Skin Moisturizer) 2 oz

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Although the most common areas that our dogs need moisturized are their paws and snout, you can use this moisturizer on any external dry spots or irritations.

The natural Shea & Aloe butters moisturize while allowing the Kelp to absorb much needed nutrients and minerals into their skin.

In addition, the ingredients include a special blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy and naturally healing elements.

The moisturizer goes on smooth and silky like natural skin and creates a protective barrier without a greasy feel.

Great for:

  • bug bites
  • rashes
  • abrasions
  • scars or tissue regeneration
  • eczema
  • paw protection
  • dry snout
  • daily use

Not only are dogs benefiting from our Kelp moisturizer, but horses and people too!

LOVE, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, 100% pure BC Kelp, Grape Seed oil, special blend of pure essential oils, 100% pure beeswax.


Kelp is hand-harvested from the pristine ocean waters of Northern B.C. Canada. The Kelp beds are in a highly protected area with fast flowing cold ocean water which is optimal for producing high quality kelp. The harvesting location is monitored by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans and BC Agriculture (Marine Plants) regarding suitability for human consumption. Harvesting is done in a manner that respects the sensitive and complex nature of the Kelp forests. Only a small percentage (less than 10%) is harvested throughout the annual season.