ppark W-Series Dog Collar

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ppark tries to collect similar colours for all batches; however, since these material are post-industrial recycled, the colours may vary slightly depending on availability.

Features of ppark W-Series Dog Collars:

  • Eco-friendly, lightweight and vibrant!

  • Fine stiching with no rough edges, minimizing irritation on you and your pet’s skin.
  • Lockable buckle for added security (size S, M, L only).

Sizing of ppark W-Series Dog Collars:

Size Length cm (in) Width cm (in)

XS 16-22 (6.25-8.5) 1 (0.4)

S 18-26 (7-10) 1.5 (5/8)

M 24-35 (9.5-13.75) 1.5 (5/8)

L 30-45 (11.8-16.4) 2.5 (1)