3P Naturals Raw Dog Food - 100% Kangaroo, NO Veg

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3P Naturals is raw dog food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs. This 3P Natural dog raw formula is made up of meat. Note that this blend does not have bone added. Add a red meat to your dog's diet as part of a rotation diet to ensure greater health.

Looking for a different option for a dog who has developed food sensitivities/ allergies (itchy skin), try the 3P Naturals Kangaroo. Kangaroo is considered a novelty protein for animals going through an elimination diet to figure out what protein is causing itching.

Ingredients:100% kangaroo

Keep Frozen. * Pictures for 3P mostly used to give an idea of sizing typically. Might not be representative of actual 3P protein, texture or colour.

Made in Vancouver, Canada.