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Explore the best cat food and products. For the ruling pet in the house, we offer kitty litter (that the humans will clean up after), true carnivore food for the condescending kitty palate, and catnip for cat parties. Everything that your royal cat would enjoy is to be found here. On this page you’ll find a directory of all the items we carry for your feline friend. One of the things we’re most passionate about at Moonlight Natural Pet Store is pet nutrition. You can be sure that all of the cat food we stock is the very best on the market and has been carefully chosen to meet our high standards. In our opinion raw food is the first choice to go towards, but if you need other options, we’re well stocked in such things as low-glycemic and grain-free kibble. We also have a variety of nutritional supplements for any specific needs your pet may have or else to simply keep them in peak condition. For cat food orders we offer free delivery with a minimum purchase in the Vancouver area. We’ve got everything else your cat could possibly need. From sturdy cat tree & scratchers to litter boxes and cleaning supplies. Choose from a selection of cozy cat beds, and keep your cat endlessly entertained and mentally stimulated with our range of cat toys. We also carry collars and harnesses that are both silky smooth and durable, perfect for your cat’s discerning taste. If you need any help with choosing the best item for you and your kitty companion, then drop us a line. We’re here to help with whatever you need, be it food choices, health issues, or grooming questions. And to keep up to date with your knowledge be sure to check out our blog. We take great care in researching our articles and strive to give the best advice we can."