irRAWsistible Raw Dog Food - Organic Beef w/ Veggies 22 lb Bulk Case (44 patties)

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irRawsistible Raw Pet Food is irresistibly Canadian. Utilizing federally inspected hormone-free and human grade meats, this BC raw pet food is a family owned venture focused on bringing both dogs and cats a balanced raw diet meal formulated by a canine nutritionist.

irRawsistible is a BC raw pet food that does not contain:

  • grains, fillers,
  • chemical preservatives,
  • hormones or antibiotics.

Ingredients in irRawsistible Beef Raw Bulk: Antibiotic-free beef, beef heart, beef liver, romaine, apple, carrot, dehydrated alfalfa, eggs, ground flax and eggshell calcium.

Made in Vancouver, BC.

Keep frozen.

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