Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Plus Car Harness for Dogs

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Less hardware means Clickit Sport Plus is even easier to connect and quicker to release, making it perfect for regular use on short errands or long trips. When outside of the car, it can be used as a walking harness. Also, reflector strips have been added to improve its visibility at night.

Clickit Sport Plus is the only dog safety harness in the market certified by the non-for-profit Independent Research Institution The Center For Pet Safety

Sizing: Small (16.5—22in), Medium (22.5—28in), and Large (28.5—60in)

Sizes are determined by chest measurement around a dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs


  • Infinity Loop continuous webbing system
  • 3 point contact design
  • Exceptional head excursion and lateral movement control
  • Requires minimal dexterity to connect to car
  • Does not require baby seat LATCH anchors
  • Night reflectors for enhanced visibility
  • Increased range so larger dogs will fit into harness
  • Easy to measure for size
  • Plus version now includes S-Clip(to pre-set seatbelt length) and Buckle Shield(to prevent a pet from diengaging the seatbelt buckle).

How to use the accessories: S-Clip& Buckle Shield